Cat's Cradle modellieren der Vignette

In diesem Artikel möchte ich kurz darauf eingehen, wie ich Figuren modelliere. Als Beispiel habe ich "Cat's Cradle", eine Illustration von Norman Rockwell genommen. Die Arbeitsschritte sind generell fast immer die selben, die ich für jede Figur anwende. Die Idee zu dieser Vorlage bekam ich...

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Cat’s Cradle Bemalung

Angefangen hatte das Ganze, als ich 2002 an der MFCA Show in Valley Forge war. Da ich einen Tag früher in Philadelphia war, machte ich natürlich ein bisschen Sightseeing, wie jeder normale Tourist:) Als ich bereits auf dem Rückweg zum Hotel war, kam ich an einem kleinen unscheinbaren Museum...

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The Last Mohican (part 1)

Okay, here I am back, and would like to start with a project I started some time ago. As you can see the idea is based on a painting from N.C.Weyth. It is a very romantic piece and the historical accuracy was of course secondary. So therefore it was not a historical piece. We got that idea from a collector...

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The Last Mohican (part 2)

Okay, let’s start with the second part and see what I have messed around. As you can see from the pictures, the figures were interacting quite vividly with each other. That’s why I had to paint the Indians face and chest first before Alan could finally finish the figures. Here on these pictures you can...

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Maximilian I (part 1 horse)

The idea for this figure originally came from Rüdiger Möhrmann who commissioned me to make it for him in 90 mm. He sent very detailed drawings of the figure he wanted, and supplied close up photographs of the Maximilian style armor, as well as many illustrations of both the man himself and...

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Maximilian I (part 2 figure)

As you may be able to tell from some of the pictures, I actually did some of the work on the figure of Maximilian when I was still working on the horse...but it simplifies things and makes more sense (as I can keep track of where I am up to) if I describe each part of the project as a separate...

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Matter of Time

Dieses Projekt begann, als jemand von Italien uns anfragte, ob wir Interess hätten diese Indianer Vignette für Ihn zu machen.Und da wir immer schon in Woodland Indianer interessiert waren, und die Bilder von Robert Griffing bewunderten, war dass natürlich eine tolle Gelegenheit, endlich etwas...

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General Nicholas Herkimer

Nicholas Herkimer, born in 1715, was commissioned as a Militia colonel in 1775. He became chairman of the committee of safety of Tryon County, and in 1776 was made a brigadier-general in the New York militia. He was one of the most prominent and widely respected of the...

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Carving a basic head

This article is based on my part of the seminar Marion and I did on Sunday morning at Chicago in 2004, since doing the seminar, we have had people asking for the pictures and something that they...

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Henry VIII

Alles begann mit einer Anfrage von Annette Wagner, ob Alan den Henry VIII für sie machen könnte. Sie hatte sich entschieden, dass das Ihr Geburtstagsgeschenk werden könnte, sofern Alan damit einverstanden war, ihn zu modellieren. Es war wirklich eine grosse Herausforderung für ihn...

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Wie bemale ich eine Figur mit Acryl

Mit diesem Artikel versuche ich ein wenig die Grundschritte der Acrylmalerei zu erläutern. Anhand von verschiedenen Beispielen möchte ich Euch zeigen, wie ich das mache und möchte versuchen mit verständlichen Worten Euch das darzustellen. Mittlerweile gibt es ja eine Menge...

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Ich habe viele Pinsel ausprobiert, bis ich endlich die Richtigen für mich fand. Ich benutze schon seit Jahren die Rote Serie von der Firma Andrea und Windsor&Newton Serie 7. Meine bevorzugten Grössen sind No.0, No.1 & No.2, damit kann ich problemlos Figuren von 54mm bis 120mm malen...

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Red I Basis:

Red A12+Black A26+Hull red V985

Red I Basis: Red A12+Black A26+Hull red V985

Highlight: Basis+ V 948Golden Yellow+V910Orange red +V947Red

Shadow: Basis+V859 Black Red+ V960Violet

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The Palace Guard

The idea for this figure came from Karsten Abel, who suggested to Marion that it might be a good piece for me to make. Looking at the copy of the painting he sent, I liked the relaxed yet self-assured pose and decided that I would like to do it. I don’t know much about the picture but decided that the...

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Grandfather's Boer War Notebook

A brief rundown of what is in my Grandfather’s Boer War Notebook. Two wars fought by the British and the Boers for the mastery of S Africa. The British had made several attempts to re-incorporate the Boers, who had left the Cape Colony in the Great Trek, within a South African confederation...

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Commercial sculpting

This posting includes quotes from several others, so I don't claim I wrote the whole thing. I'm not sure which bits are who's now, but the whole thing is from a discussion that was on timelinesforum and I have included some of the input from the discussion that followed as they added greatly to the value...

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General Thoughts on measurements

I originally posted most of this on the MedRom Forum, but thought that it might be worth re-posting here, as it falls under the general heading of this forum.Of course, this is only a personal viewpoint, and in some cases you have to use precise measurements (equipment, weapons, etc.)...

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